Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2012, Energy and Consciousness

The Following are all snippies from-
The Mystery of 2012 Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities
by various contributing authors. Before the snippies are dealt, i want to stress- the reason i am posting this is to help people realize that 2012 is not just simply a "global disaster". But, in fact its largely the complete opposite. No ones totally stupid. We know there will be some geological change, amongst some other stuff- for sure. But i think not enough of us
realize yet- the other side to the "2012 coin". So, the following is a bunch of "2012 consciousness" research from scientists and doctors and all kinds of people with big degrees after their names. The topic of 2012 conjures up all kinds of images and emotions which is making many challenge and re-evaluate their own personal beliefs. This is part of the reason why 2012 is literally a- "shift in consciousness", many shifts in personal beliefs will be transforming our current awareness. This is also why the subject of 2012 can lead to so many confusing arguments because their is a "magical" aspect to 2012 and everyone being 'different'- interprets all this 2012 stuff slightly 'differently'. We all know something is up, but as a mass consciousness we still havent quite put the finger on it- but it seems we are getting closer as each of us continues to open up our minds.....

Snippie from pg 309-

"2012, Galactic Alignment, and the Great Goddess-
Reflection on Isis and the sacred science of the Egyptians" Sharron Rose

".....All galaxies go thru this periodic explosive state. LaViolette calculates that the last time our galaxy became active was around 13,000 years ago. He believed that this burst f
rom the center of the galaxy possibly lasted for 1,000 years. LaViolette tells us that from the Earth's perspective, this incredible emission of light would be shaped like a giant eye in the sky caught between Sagittarius and Scorpio. Besides looking like an eye- to our ancient ancestors, this gigantic galactic womb brightening up the night skies for a thousand years or more may have given birth to the myth of Isis. In her appellation as the mother of creation, it is during this explosive phase that the face of Isis is finally revealed. After this brilliant birthing phase, after the explosive center has finally gone quiescent, Isis once again becomes the dark-veiled goddess whose face is once more hidden from our view.....One of the most profound secrets of the ancient alchemists was the knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes. The zodiac was conceived to mark the great cycle of the Earth as it wound through its 26,000-year processional wobble. (by the way this is another reason why we should be celebrating 2012 because it represents completing a cycle of 26,000 Earth years- collectively known as the "Great Year". We celebrate every little new year here on Earth, so why not have a massive celebration for 2012 and the Great Year.)